#032: Jumpstart Your Finance Career: The 4 Best Bits Of Inspiration For Success From Our Guest Mentors

with Anders Liu-Lindbery, Kelly McCleary, Brad Eisenhuth, Chidimma Eghagha

Looking for some inspiration on how to be more successful and make a bigger impact in your accounting & finance career?

Then you need to listen to this episode. We’ve had some amazing stories and ideas from the Guest Mentors on the show so far and in the process we’ve reached listeners in 94 countries. So as a way of celebrating our 30th podcast we’ve selected their best bits of advice from 4 Guest Mentors from 4 different continents, which had they had known earlier would have probably given them a jumpstart to more success, fun and impact in their accounting and finance careers. If you only listened to one episode this week you would not be disappointed with this one.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [02:00] – Episode #002: The importance of relationship building for the finance professional with Anders Liu Lindberg.
  • [07:11] – Episode #012: How To Become Effective Leaders in Accounting & Finance with Kelly McCleary.
  • [10:49] – Episode #016: Becoming an Outperformer in Finance & Accounting Part II with Brad Eisenhuth.
  • [18:00] – Episode #020: Demystifying the Numbers to Add Value with Chidimma Eghagha.

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