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#034: Outlining Strategies in Digital Finance

with Johannes Vogel

Johannes Vogel is Director Finance Strategy & Digital CFO Services at BearingPoint, and is responsible for helping clients to improve finance teams vision and roadmap, processes, ERP and reporting system architecture, as well as assisting them to develop their Finance strategies and design solutions for the “digital CFO office”.

Johannes brings more than 20 years of experience gained within Industry and Consulting of running finance operations, both within Europe and the United States. He also lectures in a masters program on digital communication the Berlin Universität der Künste; writes blog posts on finance.

Outside of work Johannes loves riding motorcycles, playing guitar or sailing with friends. As a native of Nuremberg he is also an avid follower of 1. FCN soccer club with all its ups and downs.

Key Quotes From the Episode:

 “Finance & Accounting in the past has had a sort of a nimbus or atmosphere of being very conservative, being accurate, being very numbers driven and being precise about having the right financial statements. What I see now of the last one and a half to two years in Germany is what I would almost call a paradigm shift that the CFO teams are starting to become more experimental with new technologies . .  to see what value they could derive from these digital tools, these digital technologies to make the output of their work better and more valuable.” [06:28]

“Project failures are starting to sink in, I think with most digital technologies you must try things out to see if they bring value to your company.” [08:58]

“It’s like in the start-up scene where you say fail fast and move forward.” [11:16]

“[Best Advice] Having a good alumni network has also resulted in some of the most interesting job or consulting opportunities that in the end were much easier to realise than having to go through an official tender process .” [26:56]

“[Best Advice] So keep up your network, spend time maintaining your networks designate time to actively maintain your network it also adds a human and nice personal touch to your work and I really enjoy calling back my old customers and asking how’s it going or what’s going on and it’s always interesting.” [27:14]

(Other resources and how to connect with Johannes below).

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Key Points From the Episode:

  • Excellent summary of the 4 digital technologies that are the biggest disrupters to accounting and finance.
  • Practical Steps Finance can begin to take to start adding more value from digital technologies.
  • List of a number of areas around what we should be expecting our CFOs to be considering when it comes to setting digital finance strategy.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

[03:20] – The unplanned event that that helps him today work with international clients.

[04:15] – Describes how employers are putting a premium on international experience.

[06:28] – What he’s really finding exciting at the moment about accounting & finance.

[08:00] – Tools finance are experimenting with and what CFOs are doing and saying.

[08:53] – Why he’s seeing a tolerance for failure appearing in Finance.

[09:54] – How cultural changes are helping Finance teams be more accepting of failure with new digital technologies.

[11:50] – Practical Steps Finance can begin to take to start adding more value from digital technologies.

[14:07] – How cost concern pressure might be distracting CFOs from making the right digital investments in Finance teams.

[17:03] – Lists off a number of areas around what we should be expecting our CFOs to be considering when it comes to setting digital strategy.

[21:21] – Excellent summary of the 4 digital technologies that are the biggest disrupters to accounting and finance.

[25:57] – Shares the best bit of advice he’s ever received.

[28:50] – Why giving some knowledge away on LinkedIn for free is a great way to get feedback.

[30:02] – Resources Johannes would recommend.

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with today’s guest:

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