#082: 4 Practical Examples of Changing Your Mindset to Accelerate Your Finance Career

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Our Guest Mentors:

Another one of our special editions where we consolidate the experiences and hard won lesson of a number of our guest mentors have had in common areas. These will help you see over to the other side of the fence, what it looks like, prepare you for what might happen, how to go about getting there, give you a sense of the potential impacts on your organisation, your colleagues and your career from real finance professionals who have been there , and so on…. to help you take your first steps in getting there and having a meaningful and rewarding career in finance.

On this episode we share with you how 4 of our guest mentors have changed their old mindsets to not only add more value in their organisations but have more fun, rewarding and successful careers in accounting & finance. We discuss the results they learned in doing so, why they did what they did, the impacts it had on them, their careers, their colleagues and organisation, and they share with you some ideas on how you can also do the same or similar. The guest mentors and the episodes are:

  • Angelo Ho
  • Nigel Franklyn
  • Glin Bayley
  • Andy Burrows

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

[03:18] – #038: Progressing Your Career in the Right Way in Accounting & Finance

Angela Ho, CPA, CGMA, senior vice president and principal accounting officer at OceanFirst Bank. Angela is a successful up and coming female accounting & finance executive within the financial services industry and was nominated on a recent list of New Leaders in Banking.

  • Shares loads of practical guidance for young female executives wishing to progress their careers.
  • Why it’s important to be clear about and share your goals with others.
  • How to remain goal-oriented but not lose sight of what’s important in life as well.

[11:39] – #042: The Most Important Investment You Can Make in Your Accounting & Finance Career

Nigel Franklyn is a Vice President of Financial Reporting in the controllership function of Prudential’s International Insurance Business, and has an 18 year career in and around the Financial Services Industry.

  • Shares his concept Me Inc. that he delivered to an AICPA Controllers Conference.
  • Deconstructs the 3 segments of Me Inc. .
  • Describes for us the observer theory and why it’s important for finance professionals.
  • The one daily habit to get into at the start of every day.
  • The benefits of finding Stoic philosophy.

[18:00] – #076: Taking Yourself Less Seriously to Become a Finance Linchpin

Glin Bayley is a holistic performance coach that works with individuals, entrepreneurs and organisations to drive performance. Glin is also an accomplished Head of Finance & Business Strategy, with a career spanning over 17 years working in global blue chip companies such as Coca Cola, General Electric and Associated British Foods.

  • Deconstructs what really matters with your next career move.
  • A practical way on how to be a linchpin in Finance on a daily basis.
  • The importance of empathy and our assumptions around the insights we have.

[24:08] – #018: Supercharging Finance to Drive Business Performance

Andy Burrows is Founder and CEO of SuperchargedFinance.com which not only helps accounting & finance professionals drive business performance, but also provides useful & practical advice for those same people working in and with finance on how to improve and grow.

  • Why we need to shift our mindsets to be more outward looking.
  • How to be more curious in accounting & finance to add more value.

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Credit: Edited by Andrew Codd