#134: Realising the Full Value from FP&A

with Richard, Ken, Larysa, and Rob

Our Guest Mentors:

Another one of our special editions where we consolidate the experiences, advice and hard won lessons of a number of our guest mentors to help you see over to the other side of the fence, what it looks like, prepare you for what might happen, how to go about getting there, give you a sense of the potential impacts on your organisation, your colleagues and your career from real finance professionals who have been there , and so on…. to help you take your first steps in getting there and having a meaningful and rewarding career in finance.

On this episode we share with you how 4 of our guest mentors have sought to position the value of FP&A prepared for the future and how to remain relevant today and into the future. We discuss with them what they have done, why they did what they did, the impacts it had on them, their careers, their colleagues and organisation, and they share with you some ideas on how you can also do the same or similar. The guest mentors and the episodes are:

·       Richard E. Reinderhoff #104

·       Ken Fick #050

·       Larysa Melnychuk #070

·       Rob Trippe #094

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Time Stamped Show Notes:


[01:36] – #104: How to bridge the gap between Finance & Strategy

Richard E. Reinderhoff is an experienced Board Advisor or Head of Finance & Strategy helping the management of corporations with their strategic planning & execution, in effect bridging the gap between Finance & Strategy. Richard is a regular contributor to 10+ Finance publications leveraging his many career experiences gained across 3 continents, ranging from Finance & Operations departments in Brazil, to Consultancy in the Netherlands, leading MBOs, setting up Risk Management Functions, redesigning FP&A processes as well as leading finance teams as a CFO.

  • What’s exciting Richard most about his current work and the opportunity to split Finance into operations (Chief Accounting Officer) and strategy (Chief Value Officer) and why FP&A is the unsuspecting change agent in this process.
  • How to ensure your skills are evolving in the right way to ensure Finance is seen as relevant.


[10:10] – #050: On The Future of FP&A

Ken Fick is an FP&A thought leader and the founder of fpaexperts.com a digital media platform for the corporate finance market providing tips and ideas to accelerate a career in finance, improve lifestyles, and enhance businesses. Ken also does outsourced CFO Consulting, financial analysis and other business and management consulting projects among other entrepreneurial and investment endeavours. Ken brings 20 years of experience in various positions in industry and consulting where he has led critical accounting, forensic, business planning, forecasting, analytics and strategy initiatives..

  • The advantage of FP&A nowadays and the role of continuous accounting into the future.
  • The skills aspiring FP&A professionals should be looking to develop.

[14:40] – #070: Forward Looking Finance and FP&A

Larysa Melnychuk is a founder and managing director of FP&A Trends Group. FP&A Trends helps companies to realize their innovative FP&A potential through training, consulting, professional networking and debating. Larysa is an experienced FP&A practitioner and held senior FP&A positions at Invensys plc, Ace Group, Key Bank and HSBC Bank before setting up the International FP&A Board in 2013- a global and well-recognized FP&A best practices think-tank. Since then, she has been running the Board that has successfully expanded into 11 countries in Europe, the Middle East, the USA, Asia and Australia.

  • Shares 3 areas where FP&A can become less traditional and more valuable to support a quicker more flexible decision making process.
  • The importance of focussing on discussing key drivers and getting our model architecture right.

[19:46] – #094: The Fundamental Role of FP&A in Value Creation

Rob Trippe is a corporate finance executive, lecturer and writer. Rob started his career in investment banking as well as holding senior finance roles at large blue-chips like Hertz and GE Capital. During his career Rob has developed financial models and managed projects spanning every balance sheet asset and capitalization class, numerous industries and for a variety of decision-making and regulatory purposes and applications. He is even the former MD of a private equity group which purchased a coveted professional minor league sports team.

  • The fundamental equation of FP&A and value creation.
  • Rob explains how to ensure we’re solving for the right answer.
  • The importance of starting at the end result and working backwards to ensure we not simply keeping busy.

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