#144: Being Asked Back with Wayne Ackerman

with Wayne Ackerman

Our Guest Mentors:

Wayne Ackerman is Principal at Seaview CFO Solutions following a career as a successful Chief Financial Officer (CFO) engaged in driving organizational change that improves performance & shareholder value. Wayne delivers profitable growth & stabilization using simple financial strategies; assists in crisis management situations and completes specific projects beyond the capacity of incumbent staff.

Wayne holds a CPA designation and an MBA from Rutgers Business School He lives in New Jersey, USA.

Key Quotes From the Episode: 

“[On how to be asked back] Never lose the emphasis on how to talk to people and to lead.” [07:07]

“[On how to go from good to very good] Experience counts for a lot, take the opportunity to learn about new things.” [08:29]

“[On the real problem of digitalisation in finance] It’s absolutely free to get yelled at and usually you’re going to make the person on the other end feel much better once they’re done.” [10:29]

“[On the importance of having a good vision] Our role is not to be the centre of attention, our role as Peter Drucker said it best, is to lead with questions, to listen, and then to have a few impactful things to say.” [22:04]

(Other resources and how to connect with Wayne below).

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Key Points From the Episode: 

  • On how to go from good to very good and the power of positively responding to criticism plus a powerful question to ask to add value and what a wise HR person told him; 
  • Keeping your sanity when helping grow a business form $65m to $350m and then restructuring it; and 
  • On how getting yelled at helps people feel better if handled right. 

Time Stamped Show Notes 

[02:15] – Wayne shares his career journey from traditional public practice at Deloitte to the middle market, taking on a role as a CFO of a family business to the compliment of being asked back, helping grow a business form $65m to $350m and then restructuring it, to now working as an interim CFO. 

[06:45] – We deconstruct the one key thinon how to get asked back whilst not forgetting our technical and strategic skills. 

[08:12] – On how to go from good to very good and the power of positively responding to criticism plus a powerful question to ask to add value and what a wise HR person told him. 

[08:20] – On how getting yelled at helps people feel better if handled right. 

[11:40] – How to keep your sanity when growing a business from $65m to $350m and the importance of vision and being ready for the growth versus a career of scrambling. 

[14:02] – What’s exciting Wayne most about his current workand why it’s harking him back to the days of his public accounting. 

[16:30] – How our professional training prepares us well for the gig economy, the importance of marketingnetworking and copying great mentors around you. 

[21:00] – The best bit of advice Wayne has ever received which relates “less is more” or more aptly put “talk less, listen more”.  

[23:04] – Resources Wayne would recommend our audience check ouand the power of handwritten notes. 

[25:08– How best to connect with Wayne. 

[26:24] – Wayne’s parting thoughts and our network is our most valuable asset. 

Resources Mentioned: 

  • Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done (2001), by by Charles Burck (Author), Larry Bossidy  (Author), Ram Charan (Author) 

Connect with today’s guest: 


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