#168: Entrepreneurship Opportunities for the Finance Professional amidst Technology Disruption

Wei Chien with Agnes Hugot

Our Guest Mentors:

Our Guest Mentor: 

Our Guest Mentor: 

Agnes Hugot is the Co-founder of Fast Track Trade and Cites Gestion. She had extensive background to international financing and corporate development. Agnes is a believer in technology as a strong commerce enabler. She focuses on the needs of Small & Medium Enterprises and facilitates their inclusion into international trade networks as they are essential for driving the economic growth in any market. Agnes holds a Master in Business Administration from HEC, Paris and INSEAD, France. 

Key Quotes From the Episode: 

“[Company’s digital presence] nobody will come to you if your business doesn’t have a presence in Instagram or Facebook while having a website is also expensive to maintain.” [15:51]

“[Developing young finance professional] they need to have their voices heard and include them in the company decision making process and the future of the organization.” [21:40]

“[The journey of the entrepreneur] you have five reasons to stop and only 1 reason to keep going. The best entrepreneurs are the one who can see the best reason to continue.” [26:51]

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Key Points From the Episode: 

  • FTT as a new business model 
  • 3 ways to best position your services in the market 
  • F&A professional prepare themselves in adopting the digital trade  

Time Stamped Show Notes 

[03:12] – Agnes  shares her career journey on how she came to Singapore in 2015 having a background in finance and auditing. Learn to speak Chinese thru Skype or WeChat and started developing block chain protocol system for SME’s.   

[05:55] – How does FTT works being the new business model and its value digital trade of SME’s 

[07:53] – Agnes best moment was able to participate and highlighting FTT during one of the Brexit round table discussion.  

[10:10] – What excite Agnes in her current work as they face technological challenges during the business development stage and product improvement process.  

[16:08] – How does F&A professional prepare themselves in adopting the digital trade. 

[25:57] – Agnes shares her best advice to those professional who are planning to become an entrepreneur in the future.   

[31:04] – Agnes shares the people who are successful in their field like Jack Ma who pursue digital trading and help many people in China. 

[31:35] – Books that Agnes recommend to our audience to read. 

[37:00] – Agnes’s parting thoughts that we try something new every day not only in technology but in our personal life.  

[38:51] – Best way to connect with Agnes.   

Resources Mentioned:  

  • On China: Book by Henry Kissinger 




Connect with today’s guest: 

  • LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/in/agneshugot 


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