#172: Making Finance Less Scary & More Exciting with Charly Landy

with Charly Landy

Our Guest Mentors:

Our Guest Mentor: 

Charly Landy is currently a Financial Controller at GSK, Greater London, United Kingdom. She has 14 years of working experience in various companies where business and finance are her expertise. She got her PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology at University College London, and degree in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge.

Key Quotes From the Episode:

“[In moving to various facets of the organization] doing something that scares you and excites you at the same time as you take new roles. This will develop you, it will offer new things to learn, new system to work with and new people to get to know as you and learn to thrive on it.” [06:25]

“[Finance professional who wants to further their experience] try to experiment something and see the results, such habit is also applicable in our career to see if you enjoy doing it.” [07:50]

“Get a different viewpoint, challenge your opinion, different opportunities that you don’t expect. Just do something not obvious, take risk, get out of your comfort zone that will give you advantage in the future.” [19:50]

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Key Points From the Episode: 

  • Whether being a specialist or a generalist is the best approach? 
  • How to make our experiences, particularly taking on new roles & responsibilities, less scary and more exciting. 
  • lessons to do to make more meaningful difference in your career 

Time Stamped Show Notes 

[02:12] – Charly shares his career journey where she got her PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology and MA in Natural Science. Was hired as scientist but wanted to be involved in business development and the Financial Controller of GlaxoSmithKline. 

[06:13] – Preparing oneself as you grow and move to various facets of the organization.  

[12:22] – What’s exciting most on Charlys work in finance in general as the pace of work is changing. 

[16:46] – Diversity in the finance professional as the support programs are present in the workplace that helps in the promotion of open discussion. 

[20:12] – Books that Charly recommend to our audience to read. 

[21:52] – How best to connect with Charly. 

Resources Mentioned: 


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