#206: A Hybrid Approach to Bridging the Gap with Paul Thambar

with Dr Paul Thambar

Our Guest Mentor:

Dr Paul Thambar is an experience practitioner and academic with an interest in researching performance measurement issues in a range of commercial, coop and mutual and not-for-profit organisations. He had published research articles in Accounting, Organisations and Society (AOS) and other academic journals and had a number of working papers related to current research studies. His teaching interests are in management accounting topics where the use of academic knowledge and practical experience to empower MBA and Master of Accounting students to understand and critically assess the role of accounting in the Future of Work and in diverse organisations.

Paul holds a CGMA designation and completed his doctoral studies at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Key Quotes From the Episode: 

One of the ways you manage your earnings is by aggressively managing your tax expense through by tax minimization and to conduct research to it.[10:09] 

You’ve got to understand both sides of the table, that’s the challenge.[27:32] 

Don’t wait for the phone to ring. You pick up the phone and make the call. Don’t expect people to come looking for you. If you wanted to get something done, you go and make it happen. [28:41] 

(Other resources and how to connect with Paul below). 

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Key Points From the Episode:

      • Unique experience being in the academe
      • Closing the gap between academia and business
      • Quantitative and qualitative measurement on various organizations on Australia. 

      Time Stamped Show Notes 

      [02:20] Paul shared his career journey from being an industry practitioner for 20 years of working in accounting and finance from banks, insurance and fund management companies in Australia. He made a career change into academe and work there for 10 years in search intellectual challenge.   

      [05:30] Paul took the risk of quitting his job as accountant and going into academia is not what everyone likes or is interested in. Academe is not an easy road and doing PhD is a different level. 

      [07:33] Academia has no concepts of what happened in the business organization based on Australian setting. While business in return is reluctant to learn and has short term focus. 

      [13:28] Closing the gap between academia and business by using research that has impact and useful to both. Business needs to be more engaging.  

      [17:52] Paul shared some of his works on various challenges around quantitative and qualitative measurement on various organizations on Australia. 

      [22:39] A framework they develop that measures the value they provide and they had presented to the main industry conference with room filled with CEOs from various organization. 

      [28:41] – Best of bit of advice Paul ever received on not waiting for the best opportunity but make it happen. 

      [30:23] – Paul shares his ideas making things happen and the world pass us by as things are moving so quickly for the younger generations. 

      [35:07] – Books that Paul recommend to our audience to read any academic articles.  

      [37:58– Best way to connect to Paul. 

      [38:55] – Paul parting thoughts on being grateful as a Finance professional. 


      Resources Mentioned: 


      Connect with today’s guest: 

      LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/in/dr-paul-thambar-030a883 

      Website: https://research.monash.edu/en/persons/paul-thambar 


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