#243: Monday Memo: The Right Identity For Finance Professionals

with Andrew Codd


How did you rate yourself?

If I asked you to imagine yourself on a tropical deserted island. The sky is clear. The wind is calm. The sea is smooth. You will be on this island for only a few minutes, don’t worry. Imagine now that you arrived on this island without any roles. Roles such as husband, wife, CEO, accountant, sales manager, engineer, golfer, fisherman, and so on, do not exist on this island.

Now, using the scale that follows, rate yourself without any roles. Zero is the lowest end of the scale, and 10 is the highest end. Where do you rate yourself on that scale? What value do you place on yourself without any of the roles that you play out in life? Go ahead and mark the scale now.

How did you rate yourself?

This is not an uncommon question and in this bite-sized episode, I outline the importance of the question, the right answer and how it can help you achieve a more meaningful, rewarding and successful career in accounting & finance.


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