#264: THE DEBATE: Getting Corporate Finance & FP&A Back to Basics

A couple of commentators were suggesting that FP&A and Corporate Finance were losing their way, so to find out why we invited them onto the show.

In this week’s episode we are joined on #sitn by two panelists, Lance Rubin and Rob Trippe, and together we discuss:

– Three steps we can take to get back to basics and not take particularly avoiding a family P&L
– Where FP&A need to hold the fort down to make things easier and more valuable.
– What Mediterranean sailors and EBITDA can teach us about common language in FP&A to communicate effectively.
– Why data analytics is good but not right now and why it’s important to get more stuck into Excel
– Why heatmaps and gauges will not fascinate CFOs.

If you enjoyed this episode, check out our time-stamped show notes, key quotes, resources and ways to connect with our guest mentor and more at sitnshow.com/podcast/264.


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