#276: The Impacts of Technology Disruption on the Legal Profession and Lessons for Accountants

with Izwan Zakaria

Our Guest Mentor:

Izwan Zakaria is the managing partner of Izwan & Partners, a commercial, technology and start-up law firm in Kuala Lumpur. He has over a decade of legal experience in corporate/commercial and technology transactions.

Izwan has direct experience in acting for online and digital businesses like equity crowdfunding, peer to peer lending, ecommerce, and robo advisory platforms and other disruptive technologies. His involvement in the technology sector also extends to advising fintech clients on regulatory compliance matters as set out by the Central Bank and the Securities Commission. He has experience in venture capital fundraising, having acted for start-ups and investors. Izwan is a member of the Fintech

Association of Malaysia and active in the Malaysia start-up ecosystem, where he mentors entrepreneurs on compliance and fundraising matters. He is currently a mentor at Scale-Up Malaysia (an incubator for tech start-ups) and Founder Institute (a pre-seed start-up accelerator with a presence in over 180 cities worldwide)

Key Quotes From the Episode: 

“Business nowadays cannot afford not to be present online.”[08:56]

“A good advice has sometimes has no answer.”[17:18]

“Focus on the relationship.”[41:31]

(Other resources and how to connect with Izwan below).

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Key Points From the Episode:

– Cloud base technological start-up law firm as a brand and leverage

– Technology disruption to law profession

– Future generation workforce in passion economy

Time Stamped Show Notes

[04:09] – Izwan shares his career journey when he disassemble the windows 95 desktop his mother bought back then. He’s passionate about technology even during his practicing of law profession. He was involved in MNE, joint ventures and shareholders agreement as a corporate lawyer that would normally span around two years each. Set-up his own law firm and ventured into technology space.

[07:22] – A cloud base technological start-up law firm is Izwan’s law firm brand and his leverage.

[10:21] – Law firms structure is still traditional and having difficulty adopting in technology.

[15:06] – Technology disruption to law profession being the knowledge broker together with the entry of millennial workforce.

[20:43] – The trend moving forward for the future generation workforce in passion economy with the aid of technology and global connectedness

[26:16] – Supporting clients in the start-up ecosystem by working closely with other groups, government agencies and use of social media.

[31:40] – Accountant to prepare better for the future by continue updating yourself and anticipate what’s going to happen

[36:39] – Great book for the audience to read, suggested by Izwan

[38:46] – Izwan’s coming from humble beginnings and wanted to make something big starting with free services and mentoring groups.

[43:16] – Best way to connect with Izwan.

Resources Mentioned:



Zero to One by Blake Masters and Peter Thiel https://www.amazon.com/Zero-One-Notes-Startups-Future/dp/0804139296

Connect with today’s guest:

Website: izwanpartners.com

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/izwanzakaria1/

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