#292: The Importance of Systems Thinking

with Shiva Vilayanur

Our Guest Mentor:                                                        

Shiva Vilayanur is a finance leader with a rich breadth of experience across the technology industry. Ha has proven track record in driving revenue growth and helping operating areas deliver above average results. Well rounded exposure to the APAC region with an ability to effectively lead global, cross cultural teams.

Shivas’ key accomplishment was to led out and executed multiple strategic global initiatives in the APAC region at eBay. He effectively partnered in driving multimillion of businesses across APAC. He conceptualized and promoted a space optimization initiative worldwide for $34M cost savings. Shiva was a recipient of awards for leadership and contributions to the bottom-line. He took his MBA at Indian Institute of Management, Indore, and a Chartered Accountant at Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

 Key Quotes From the Episode:

“Be brilliant with the basics.”[04:53]

“Business partnering role is half art and half science.”[05:53]

“Leadership is what happened in your absence.”[17:13]

(Other resources and how to connect with Shiva below).

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Key Points From the Episode:

– Helping the business reach its goal and creating value to it by;

– Be brilliant with the basics

– Do the more advance stuff

– Be comfortable with ambiguity

– Finance and accounting professional should capitalize on

Time Stamped Show Notes

[01:58] – Shiva shares his career journey when he moved from India to Singapore the past 10 years. After finishing his CPA he started as Auditor at Deloitte, India. Finished his MBA at Indian Institute of Management, Indore and worked with IT companies at the Asia Pacific Region like Intel, Ebay, HP and Juniper Networks. Built a specialization in finance business partnering roles which he enjoyed doing with senior company leaders.

[03:49] – The importance of the end in mind helping the business reach its goal and creating value to it by;

o Be brilliant with the basics

o Do the more advance stuff

[07:20] – Be comfortable with ambiguity, habits that Shiva developed in his career successes

[08:57] – Finance and accounting professional should capitalize on providing strategy and insights to the business

[14:48] – Shivas’ current priorities are to find career opportunities by;

o Improve understanding of how different industries in tech industry will look like post COVID environment

o Articulate the value he will bring to the company

o Continue sharing his expertise to start-up companies and finance communities

o To lift twice his body weight-doing barbell training

[17:04] – Best advice Shiva ever received

[17:49] – Success in leadership is when team operates independently in your absence

[18:23] – Shiva relates success to Sachin Tendulkar

[19:02] – Best resources our audience to check-out

[20:10] – Best way to connect with Shiva

Resources Mentioned:



The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge https://www.amazon.com/Fifth-Discipline-Peter-M-Senge/dp/0385260946/ref=tmm_hrd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

Harvard Business Journal https://hbr.org/

Connect with today’s guest:

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/shivavilayanur/

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