#296: Becoming a Business CFO with Anand Soni

Our Guest Mentor:                                                        

Anand Soni is a Senior Finance Leader, Commercial Group CFO and Business Professional with 27  years’ experience in managing Diversified Businesses in Manufacturing, Contracting, Construction, Property development, Retail/Trading/FMCG/Distribution, Petroleum, Pharmaceuticals, Investments and Services Finance. Anand was one of the finalists at CFO of Middle-East award in 2015, and is also a renowned speaker and strategic writer.

Anand holds CPA and CA designations and is based out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Key Quotes From the Episode:

“Don’t leave your self-belief to others.”[09:31]

“If you are a business CFO you have to deep dive into the business nuances.”[16:04]

“Don’t be over enthusiastic for the approval of others.”[29:52]

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Key Points From the Episode:

  • Gain confidence in managing the business through:
    • competing with yourself everyday
    • self-belief
  • The role of the Business CFO and its responsibilities
  • The Business CFO vs a regular CFO

Time Stamped Show Notes

[03:20] – Anand shares his career journey in accounting and finance when he became Chartered Accountant at the age of 22 and worked for 7 years in India. In 1998 went to Middle East and worked for 7 years in Muscat and then in Dubai for 15 years. Anand became a CPA (USA) 2003 and has gained experience in a diverse business and family driven organizations. A speaker, writer and blogger is another career of Anand currently pursue.

[07:52] – Confidence in managing different business cycle is gained thru;

  • competing with yourself everyday
  • self-belief

[10:42] – Development in the Middle-East especially in the UAE

[12:11] – We deconstruct the Business CFO and its responsibilities

[17:27] – Changes in the dynamics of roles of business CFO

[19:41] – The Business CFO vs a regular CFO in dealing with stakeholders

[24:16] – Becoming a Business CFO;

  1. Get into the business nuances
  2. Know the end to end process
  3. Know to solution expected
  4. Search for solution
  5. Enjoy what you’re doing

[29:37] – Best advice Anand ever received

[30:18] – Anand’s parting thoughts on the good conversation

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