#300: Having Speed to Insight at the Speed of Thought with Brian Kalish

Our Guest Mentor:                                                        

Brian Kalish is Founder and Principal at Kalish Consulting. He is Former Executive Director – Global FP&A Practice at AFP. He has over 20 years of experience in Finance, FP&A, Treasury and Investor Relations. He previously held a number of treasury and finance positions with the FHLB, Washington Mutual/JP Morgan, NRUCFC, Fifth Third and Fannie Mae. He has spoken all over the world to audiences both large and small hosting FP&A Roundtable meetings in North America, Europe, Asia and soon South America. Brian attended Georgia Tech, in Atlanta, GA for his undergraduate studies in Business and the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech for his graduate work. In 2014, Brian was awarded the Global Certified Corporate FP&A Professional designation. 

Key Quotes From the Episode:

What worked yesterday doesn’t mean it will work today. [08:59] 

The best information you can get is from your peers.” [18:21] 

It’s all about speed to insight at the speed of thought. [21:07] 

 (Other resources and how to connect with Brian below). 

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Key Points From the Episode:

– How to push forward the evolution of the FP&A profession  

– The holistic role of FP&A and its reporting structure in the business 

– Building your support structure as we progress into the new normal that nobody knows what it looks like 

– How we can leverage the right technology over time to reach out to others in the profession 

Stamped Show Notes 

[02:58 Brian shares his career journey in accounting and finance as an engineering student and later became interested in finance. Worked with large financing services at Mid-Atlantic States where he focused in treasury, FP&A and industrial relations. He joined with professional society to help globally the FP&A profession. Started his consultancy firm 5 years ago working with clients around the globe.    

[06:51 Management and audit pushing the evolution of FP&A profession through process automation   

[12:02] – Young FP&A professionals threading the needle the right way a bit faster 

[17:14] – Building your support structure as we progress into the new normal that nobody knows what it looks like 

[22:57– Changing of FP&A focus nowadays to business planning and analysis still depending on the business direction 

[24:37] – Holistic role of FP&A and its reporting structure in the business 

[25:58] – Best advice Brian ever received    

[29:59] – Great resources for the audience to check-out  

[35:23] – Best way to connect with Brian  

[36:38] – Using the technology right to reach out to others in the profession more than ever 

[40:59] – Brian’s parting thoughts  

Resources Mentioned: 


Article Brian wrote on BP&A vs. FP&A 



Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game by Michael Lewis 


Connect with today’s guest: 

LinkedIn :  https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-kalish-fp-a-3450536/ 

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