#302: The Global Leadership Hypothesis an Interview with Andrew Codd

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Andrew Codd is the producer of the #SITN Strength in the Numbers Podcast which aims to create more influential finance professionals worldwide who solve meaningful problems for their organisations and in return have fun, rewarding and successful careers in finance.  

Andrew has improved the financial success of many well-known brands during his 20 year career and nowadays helps ownermanaged businesses make more money, do more business and better manage their risks so that they achieve sustained profitable growth more quickly and less painfully. He has also authored a category best-selling book on finance business partnering and regularly give lectures and workshops training finance teams around the world. 

Andrew lives and works from the southwest of Ireland and holds the designations of CGMA, ACMA, an MBA in Finance with distinction from Manchester Business School, a BComm, summa cum laude, from UCC, and is also a certified mind coach. 

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Key Points From the Episode:

– Definition of a great leader 

– How to start unlocking your potential in accounting & finance and what is holding some back 

– A common misconception people have about me 

Stamped Show Notes 

[3:01] What would you say your definition is of a great leader? 

[6:27] If you were to give advice to a new leader for instance, or to a leader who’s been a leader for a while but feels like they’re a bit stale. What would you say where should they start to unlock their potential? 

[10:01] How important do you think the interaction is with the team with your stakeholders, in terms of being that great leader? 

[16:07] What would you say, holds people back from reaching their full potential as a leader, if you just look over your career are the things that stand out for you? 

[19:35] Would you like to share a story of leadership with us either a very positive story or an epic fail, whichever one resonates with you? 

[32:18] What would you say is a common misconception that people have about you? 

[36:40] Andrew asks Talita – what question would you like people to ask you more, but they never do? 

Resources Mentioned: 

  • The Global Leadership Hypothesis (website) 
  • How to win friends and influence people, by Dale Carnegie  
  • The Audacious Finance Partner: Reveals The Key Factors and Skills for Business Partnering Success, by Andrew Codd 

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