#332 Getting Started With KPIs To Measure Anything With Bernie Smith

“When it comes to KPIs don’t be intimidated by the size of the task. Doing one thing that you weren’t doing in terms of measurement is much better than thinking about a perfect system that you never implement. So get started. Keep it simple.”

According to today’s guest mentor Bernie Smith, who also helps us deconstruct on the #sitn podcast:

• One of the biggest problems with KPIs particularly for well-meaning accountants and finance professionals.
• Why there are only a handful of true KPIs and how to stop the KPI vine weeds from growing so we can find the gold bars.
• Why it is possible to pretty much measure anything particularly when it comes to uncertainty reduction.
• Target setting & incentives, a critique of SMART objectives & a simple control to prevent gaming of the system.

Check out https://sitnshow.com/ for detailed time stamped show notes, transcripts, links to resources and more guest mentor episodes and Monday Memos.


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