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#336: Closing Digital Finance Capability Gaps with Himashi Soriano

Our Guest Mentor:  HIMASHI SORIANO is the Managing Director, APAC at Association for Financial Professionals (AFP), where she oversees operations, builds customer relationships and develops partnerships within the Asia-Pacific region. Her focus is on helping organisations transform the way they engage and train their finance and treasury staff.    Key Quotes from the Episode:  [On digital finance skills] “Essentially, you have…

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#334: Find Success And Prosperity by Focusing on Your Relationships with Alice Tang

Our Guest Mentor:  ALICE TANG is a Vice President and Partner at a full-service multi-generational financial planning firm in Oregon. She started her financial advising career in 2000 as an immigrant to the United States who knew no one. In her first year, she earned $2,000 in commission income by cold calling. She made a radical…

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#333 MM : Important Population Growth Trends And Myths

“We need to limit population growth to save the planet.” Was what my son said to me when doing a recent science project, however I wasn’t so sure. In this bite-sized episode I share some thoughts on even if we chose to reduce population growth why this might be difficult to achieve given current demographic…

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#332: Getting Started with KPIs to Measure Anything with Bernie Smith

Our Guest Mentor:  BERNIE SMITH is a KPI author, consultant, trainer, and the owner of Made to Measure KPIs and has worked with many major organisations including HSBC, Airbus, UBS, Barclays, Credit Suisse, Lloyds and many more organisations. present their management information in the clearest possible way to support good decision making.   Bernie is based out of Sheffield, England.  Key Quotes from the Episode:  [On one…

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#331 MM: A Dangerous Myth That’s Holding Back Financial Professionals

“You can’t measure everything!” Was what a senior finance executive said to me as I began to challenge her to help me understand how she assessed the performance of individual members of her team on the intangible property of “how” they went about their work. It’s a dangerous myth that particular impacts accountants and CPAs…

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