#166: How Finance Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast with Talita Ferreira

with Talita Ferreira

Our Guest Mentors:

Our Guest Mentor: 

Talita Ferreira is the founder and CEO of Authentic Change Solutions which is a Management Consultancy centred on a philosophy of Authenticity and Authentic Change 

Previously Talita began her career at KPMG in South Africa where she qualified as a charted accountant and then moved into Commerce & Industry at Investec before going onto C-suite roles leading Finance and HR teams at BMW at roles in Germany and the UK. An international speaker and author (book in resources section) Talita still mentors CFOs and other leaders. She was also previously a nominee for Business Leader of the Year 2016. 

Key Quotes From the Episode: 

[On a definition for culture] “It’s like an invisible glue (shared actions, beliefs and values) that’s there within your teams that’s really bonding them together.” [01:42]

[On the importance of being focussed on culture] “If you let your culture become an unconscious thing then it may not become what you want it.” [02:58]

[On our role as leaders in shaping culture] “We create experiences for people as leaders , those experiences are then what they base their beliefs on, those beliefs inform their habits, those habits drive their actions and the those actions drives the results.” [04:14]

[On culture change] “It’s not organisations that change, it is the people.” [19:50]



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Key Points From the Episode: 

  • How to overcome the challenges of culture change. 
  • What to do if for leaders and individual contributors alike you find yourself in a non-collaborative toxic culture. 
  • The concept of psychological safety so that teams can become high performing.  

Time Stamped Show Notes: 

[01:42] –Talita’s defines culture for us and why it can be a bit like an immune system. 

[02:58] – We discuss why culture is so important in a business context and why finance teams should be aware of it. Talita share an example of a bad culture taking root impacting results. 

[04:10] – Our role as leaders in shaping culture. 

[06:40] – Talita shares practical advice on what to do if for leaders and individual contributors alike you find yourself in a non-collaborative toxic culture. 

[08:47] – The importance of keeping a diary/journal to improve your awareness of culture to balance the positives and negatives and avoid rash decisions. 

[11:51] – Talita introduces the concept of psychological safety so that teams can become high performing (Project Aristotle) and how we can get our teams there (examples of changing the team meetings). 

[17:01] – The importance of purpose to help developing virtual teams. 

[19:38] – Why culture change can be difficult. 

[22:44] – How to overcome some of the challenges of culture change (behaviours to move towards and away from). 

[24:34] – Two parting thoughts from Talita (role-modelling and the shadow of the leader). 

Resources Mentioned: 

  • Change The Culture, Change The Game (2012), by Roger Connors 

Connect with today’s guest: 


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