#187: Monday Memo: Introducing the #SITN Finance Influencer 4-Box

Andrew Codd

What Finance Influencer’s Should You be Following? Are they in this 4-Box?

In case you’d missed it there’s a lot happening nowadays in Finance & Accounting, whether it be with the digitisation of our profession through the advancement of cognitive computing technologies; working in increasingly competitive & disruptive marketplaces and the gradual emergence of the ‘socially intelligent’ finance professional.

At #SITN, since we started 2 years ago and grown to 150 countries we’ve aimed to answer many of the key questions our finance & accounting audience have had about to remain relevant, become more influential, and best solve meaningful problems in their organisations. Thing is we also know we don’t have all the answers but our global reach has enabled us to learn of the relevant influencers out there who are making an impact with their clarity around not only what tomorrow looks like, but more importantly how we can get there successfully.

So we’d appreciate you help making this #SITN Finance Influencer 4-Box a go-to resource for others in our finance & accounting community seeking clarity on the right way forward.
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Call out what works well, where we could do better and also if there are any influencer’s who we should be researching and reviewing ahead of the next one so it starts to become more complete and more useful over time.



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