#236: From Railways to Retail, Treasury & Your Digital Twin

with Tanya Kuznetsova

Our Guest Mentor:

Tanya is Director of Treasury at Centric Brands Inc and helps businesses thrive and accelerate their growth by implementing the leading–edge technology solutions along with the best practices in cash management, working capital optimization and reducing costs associated with treasury operations and attracting capital. Being a treasury practitioner with 15 years of corporate experience and an innovator, she believes that technology is an active enabler of the performance. 

Tanya provides strategic thinking, application of creative new ideas and pioneering experiential solutions which lead to a company’s overall competitive advantage. She possesses a strong track record in leading cross-functional teams and provide for agility in project execution. 

She is a professional growth coach for my team creating a culture of excellence in the workplace. Being an author and a motivator for the emerging leaders in the finance profession, Tanya builds teams of knowledgeable professionals and empowers them to use their entrepreneurial thinking. Tanya is also a member of the World Trade Symposium group working towards financial inclusion and sustainable trade. 

Tanya has a Master’s in Finance in Credit, is a Certified Competitive Strategies by Harvard University as well as a Certified Treasury Professional by the Association of Financial Professionals. 

Key Quotes From the Episode: 

When the business grows so fast it’s not enough to catch up with it but you have to move ahead of the curve.”[07:56] 

 Learn as many as different experiences as you can, talk to different people and listen to podcast to give you understanding of how things work.”[22:27] 

No one can really define who you are.”[30:46] 

(Other resources and how to connect with Tanya below). 

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Key Points From the Episode: 

 – Things to look for to stay ahead of the business growth especially for the retail industry  

 – The idea of having a digital twin to assist in our finance transformation; and  

 – How to improve your success doing internationally assignments by: 

  • Leveraging connections with various financial associations, 
  • Networking with other professionals in other areas, and 
  • Attending conferences. 

Time Stamped Show Notes 

[03:23 Tanya shares her career journey, the influence of her visit to the World Bank during her 10th grade that inspired her to take finance and credit courses in college 

[04:47] – Tanya experience started from Russian Railways in 2004 and move to more corporate treasury. 

[06:42] – New and memorable experience at Russian Railways where lots of financial transactions was happening as it started to operate.  

[07:24]  Memorable events at X5 Retail Group on how the business growth was so fast and how Finance & Treasury teams needed to catch up. 

[08:37 Things to look for to stay ahead of the business growth especially for the retail industry. 

[09:27] – Leveraging the use of technology in the fast pace business and banking service to manage cash properly.  

[11:15] – Managing cash in retail business needs efficiency and use of technology. 

[12:46] – Selecting data and technology that’s becoming simplified, user friendly with free trial. 

[15:58] – Digital transformation and digital twin, both streamlining your processes.  

[18:41] – Opportunities to aligning information received from clients and business partners to help do the job better. 

[20:31] – The crucial role of forecasting in treasury services and its external partner’s role. 

[21:39] – Tanya shares the different experiences she had working from one country to another and talking to different people. 

[23:33] – Working international maybe the best thing for you by; 

– being connected with related associations 

– acquire certifications 

– Network with other professionals 

– Attending conferences 

[25:16] – Tanya’s biggest challenge working in America was not like expected as it was quite similar back in Russia although differences of business practices in large and small companies.  

[30:43] – The best bit of advice Tanya received.  

[32:37] – Tanya shares the ebook she wrote entitled Alice and the Treasury Island. 

[34:47] – Resources Tanya recommend to our audience to check. 

[36:33] – Best way to connect to Tanya. 

[37:22] – Tanyaparting thoughts on looking at the future and improve in the interpersonal skills.   

Resources Mentioned: 


Kindle Book  

Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It Book by Christopher  

Voss and Tahl Raz 



Alice and the Treasury Island Book by Tanya Kuznetsova 


Connect with today’s guest: 

LinkedIn Profile: ﷟HYPERLINK “https://www.linkedin.com/in/karlhkern/”https://www.linkedin.com/in/tanyaakuznetsova/?locale=en_US 

Website: tatianakuznetsova.com 


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