Andrew Codd

The Authentic Accounting & Finance Professional

Traditionally accounting & finance professionals have been very much tasked to prepare & report the numbers, and analyse the KPIs, but some of them, the most effective ones, have realised that possessing this key ‘human’ quality allows them to make an even bigger difference in today’s digital age. What’s this key quality?  They are authentic…

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4 Ways Finance & Accounting Makes a Difference.

I start with a story. Once upon a time there was a young couple who used to go to the beach for a walk together every Friday morning before they made their way to work . . . . . . Early one morning after a big storm had passed they were walking along the…

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Knowing your curve to give the best guidance to partners

Finance teams are generally involved in business planning, forecasting and giving guidance to leaders and partners who want to have a fuller view of where their businesses are going, but how do we know we’re giving the most appropriate guidance and forecast? Many people compare being in business to experiencing a roller coaster ride. We…

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