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Join other #SITN listeners from over 170 countries to benefit from the personal first-hand accounts of seasoned finance leaders who share their career journeys from multiple industries and countries, deconstruct their hard-won lessons into practical ‘best bits’ of advice for you to follow, and mentor on how they’ve helped their organisations navigate and dealt with the more challenging elements that modern finance & business has thrown at them.

Latest Episodes

#362: Turning Finance Professionals Into High Performance Gain Enablers with Sangeeta Sumesh 

Sangeeta Sumesh is a senior finance professional and currently an Independent Director in Corporates as “The Gain Enabler”, she works as a high-performance business coach and advisor, blending her 25 years of experience in finance along with coaching skills,...

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#360: Why Having The Right Forecast Is Missing The Point with Gordon Stuart

Our Guest Mentor:  Gordon Stuart is the Chief Financial Officer at Unit4. He is an experienced finance and business leader with a demonstrated history across 4 decades of working and leading change across the services, technology, and telecoms sectors. His responsibilities include Mergers &...

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#359: MM: Two Worrying Statistics To Be Mindful Of

“Self-awareness comes from asking and answering hard questions,” Stephen Covey. In this bite-sized episode we share with you two worrying statistics finance leaders and professionals need to be mindful...

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#358: Bridging the Gap Between Women Entrepreneurs and Finance with Nicole Denholder

Our Guest Mentor:  NICOLE DENHOLDER is the Founder of Next Chapter Ventures, where they are redefining partnerships for Female Entrepreneurs, Investors and Partners. She is also an advisor to female entrepreneurs and a regular speaker on...

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One Step Ahead

#SITN was established to leverage the value of mentoring:

To elevate the influence, impact, value, and difference we make for our organisations; and To have more fun, rewarding, and meaningful careers in accounting & finance. In this way we make it more accessible to everyone in our profession, regardless or geography, professional affiliations, status, gender, etc…

The fundamental premise of #SITN is that despite for all the challenges our profession is facing into, the seemingly accelerating rate of change, the new digital technologies and business models, we still have the ability to share with each other practical advice & experiences on what works well and what doesn’t, so that we can all plot better paths forward.


Every Thursday we release a professionally produced podcast with a 30- to 40-minute interview that has been recorded with a guest mentor relevant to the finance & accounting profession. These guest mentors share their real success stories and hard-won lessons which are not found in any textbooks or on LinkedIn profiles. Together with the interviewer they deconstruct their experiences into the key strengths, qualities and practical ‘baby’ steps that others can also follow. On Mondays there is the popular #SITN Monday Memo which is a 5-minute debrief on a topical issue or useful piece of practical advice in accounting & finance.

Where Watch & listen?

The show is accessible via the links above to: iTunes; Stitcher; Spotify; YouTube; and Soundcloud. Don’t forget the detailed time-stamped show notes, key quotes, resources & ways to connect with guest mentors at www.sitnshow.com.


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