#047: The Debate: Is Excel Dead? Lance vs. Chris

Join the debate!
The debaters:

Lance (83kg 6 ft) vs. Chris (110 kg 6 ft 2)
South Africa vs. England
Wing/Flank vs. Lock/8th man
Speed vs. Power
Modeler vs. Analyst

If you haven’t heard of the outcry for the death of Excel then you must be living under a rock. This highly emotive topic has gained a lot of high profile media attention, fake news and even changed the views of many finance professionals all the way up to the C-suite and Wall Street.

It’s so dramatic this shift in sentiment that it’s almost hard to tell who is actually right or wrong and what to do next in Finance Transformation.

There are very compelling arguments for and against. So rather than debate it online Chris and Lance go head to head in a gloves off session.

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