#048: How to Make a Difference with the 3 Languages of Finance

How many languages do you really need to know to be a good finance professional?
It’s generally accepted that we’re pretty handy with reporting and analysing the numbers, but are we using the right language when talking about them?
Our guest mentor Steve Rosvold founder of CFO.University helps us understand why we need to become multilingual and how we can practically go about it so we can experience more success in accounting & finance. Other key points we cover in this episode are:

• Steve shares the key skill involved in building relationships.
• the 3 languages that help us make a difference to the businesses and communities we serve.
• The role of finance professionals and accountants as teachers.

If you enjoyed this episode, check out our time-stamped show notes, key quotes, resources and ways to connect with our guest mentor and more at sitnshow.com/podcast/048

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