#267: Monday Memo: The Building Blocks of Tomorrow’s Successful Finance Teams

What’s your finance team’s business model?

How would you describe it to colleagues? How do you know it’s not outdated and designed to meet tomorrow’s needs & expectations?

Most of our audience are either part of a finance team or lead a finance team, but when I’ve asked them to explain their business model, that is, the rationale behind how their team creates, delivers and captures value, few can answer in a consistent and coherent fashion, even though they know finance & accounting inside-out.
And because everybody in the team does not have a common understanding of their basic business model this means there are many finance teams out there who are not pulling in the same direction, not delivering the value their capable of and so at risk of gradually become irrelevant within their organisations.
In this bite-sized episode I introduce a powerful yet simple tool to help better understand, improve and communicate a finance team’s business model to give you and your team a comparative advantage in today’s and tomorrow’s organisations.


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